AR Live feeds

The need for these feeds

AR has made great strides recently, but it still needs standards which help spreading AR content, and more easily accesible ways of consuming AR content. To this end, this project deals with making ARML 2.0 a reality. An AR standard which focuses on making sharing of AR content easy, I plan on using this standard to create an AR feed of content which is published through ARML feeds, akin to RSS previously. Subscriptions to various AR feeds would allow for realtime showcase of eclectic AR content. This does not need to be limited to Geo-data, but can include marker and markerless AR.

Work plans

I plan to create this in a web interface, using JS as the primary platform, so that it can be published on the web, and can be accessed on any platform that allows for WebXR. I am currently working on this in concert with Prof. Blair McIntyre, one of the authors of the ARML 2.0 specification.

More to come soon!