VR Memory Palace

Text? In VR?

Virtual Reality is a visual medium which needs text to display detailed information, but text is hard to represent well in 3D, at such low resolutions as VR displays. It is also counter-intuitive. After all a picture is worth a thousand words. But, words are useful in describing complex concepts. A book describing the concepts of AR and VR - in VR would need a lot of text.

What would a book in VR look like?

It would be weird, wouldn’t it? Would you just make it like a physical book? Scroll through each page?

That would not be using all the capabilities of the medium. The closest analogy that we can find is in buildings which are meant convey information, e.g. museums. As such, VR gives us more freedom with how we build our environment.

A memory palace, sometimes used as a mechanism for memorization, can be better example of a space designed to convey as much information as a book. To explore how this would work, and if displaying large amounts of text in VR makes sense, I designed this palace to look at what text looks best in a headset. Written in AFrame.

Which one do you like the best?